Getting started

Welcome to Stage


Stage is the key to turning features into revenue. Empower product and GTM teams to provision plans and features: rapidly iterating on, testing, and launching product pricing and packaging changes with no-code. Track customer usage, convert users, and expand your revenue lightning fast with Stage.

You set the Stage

Stage is your one-stop shop for arranging your product’s pricing and packaging. Using Stage, you can:

  1. Determine the exact functionality in your product you wish to monetize.
  2. Construct and manage your product’s pricing and packaging, including entitlements, role-based access, and much more, directly from the Stage UI.
  3. Set up hard and soft usage limits on a per-plan basis and add custom pricing for feature usage.
  4. Manage both B2B and B2C customers, their subscriptions, feature usage, and access.
  5. Create differentiated access to features for users of the same company with user roles. Manage the seat count of your user roles, set seat limits, and managing pricing per seat.
  6. Create zero-code pricing pages.
  7. Automatically mirror changes from Stage in your business applications (Stripe, CMS, etc.)

All of these changes can be achieved with no-code after a brief integration process with your application's codebase.