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Feature usage data

In addition to our API, Stage allows you to upload customers -- along with their historical feature usage data, to the platform using a csv file. This allows you to apply feature limits and thresholds retroactively and produce accurate, timely insights on pricing and packaging performance.

👋 Heads-up! Once your application is instrumented to create users in Stage, you must import any users prior to that date either via the API (e.g., using a script or application logic) or using the CSV importer.

Accessing the importer

To access the csv importer, Click the ‘Admin’ link at the bottom of the left navigation then click the ‘usage data’ tab on the Admin page.

Getting started with the importer

To run the importer, you’ll need to prepare your .csv file for upload. We will need to collect the following information from you to successfully upload your file. Each bullet represents a column in your file:

  • User identifier: the unique identifier of your customer (e.g.
  • Start date: the date the user was created
  • Plan identifier: the unique identifier of the plan in stage
  • Feature: for each feature, there is a column in the CSV to load a usage count for the corresponding user for the row. Only fill out the columns relevant to the plan the user is enrolled in

In your file, your information should appear like this, with each feature having its own column:

(ex: email, anonymous id)(ex: yyyy-mm-dd 00:00:00)(ex: pro_plan)(ex: view_page)
janedoe@example.com2023-05-05 11:22:33pro_plan1
johndoe@example.com2023-05-06 12:34:56pro_plan7

Once you’ve successfully formatted your file, you can upload it to Stage by dragging it to the drop area on the page or by clicking the ‘click to upload’ button. A preview of your file will appear on the page, if the file format looks correct, you can finish the upload by clicking the ‘Finish upload’ button at the bottom-right of the preview.

👋 Heads-up! The importer is limited to processing 10,000 customers. For larger customer imports, use the API or run the importer multiple times.

Once your data is uploaded to Stage and processed, you can view your upload history below the upload drag area. If there were any problems with your upload, you'll get an error in the upload modal and a link to download a detailed error report.